Will be the leader in mold industry with One-Stop service
by diverse machines in best condition and optimal environment.

Introduction of Product

    Production Type Mold
Started making production type mold for Automotive Parts in 1995
Can supply low cost & high quality Mold to customer by harmonizing know-how learnt from Proto Type Mold development
By making proto type mold prior to production type, many problems can be pre-tested, which helps reducing development lead time and number of engineering changes at production type mold

    Proto Type Mold
First development in Korea of Proto Type Mold made of Zinc Alloy
Cheaper Price and Shorter Lead Time comparing to Steel Type Mold
Can produce up to 5,000 shots

Checking Fixture
Supply various types of Checking Fixtures, CMM Fixture, Proto Type C/F, Production Type C/F and Cubic Jig.
With accumulated know-how, can make any kind of C/F following customer’s needs/standard